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Build with cubes 2 3d girls
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Game Introduction
Get a new experience in 3d blocks building! Build with Cubes 2 is a voxel minecraft-style sandbox where you can build whatever you want with a cube blocks. Use a simple plan filled with cubes or generate 3D landscape using settings such as seed, height and width of hills, adjust the number of objects, entites, trees, flowers. Build a dollhouse, your own house or castle, or even a small town, furnish the house with furniture, arrange a variety of decor and light elements. Use portals, portal-able surfaces and the portalgun to create mini puzzle games, teleports, ready-made buildings and so on. Living up your world with entities and animals, create simple melodies using musical note blocks, use the fly mode and mirror functions to build faster and more conveniently. Experiment with physics gameobjects like balls, bouncy dice, trampolines and TNT.
Arrow keys / WASD to move around and control flight; hold LMB and move mouse to rotate camera; Spacebar - to jump; E to pick up objects; LMB click to select block and place new one; RMB to destroy any block and picked object; Z and Q - create portals