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    Draw Fighter 3d is an interesting drawing game. You can draw a powerful fighter through your imagination, draw the corresponding parts according to the enemy's equipment, and use various powerful parts to defeat the enemy and complete the level. The scenes are rich in content and the gameplay is exciting and interesting. Come and experience it.
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    Naruto Runner Game Adventure is a fun arcade obstacle course in which you will assist Naruto in navigating the North Pole's perilous roadways. To sabotage Christmas, the villains have taken the presents, which Naruto now has to restore. To begin playing, simply click on the screen. Naruto takes off on his own. Collect additional gold rings and presents by jumping across the platforms. Spikes are used to jumping over the boxes. Grasp a snowflake with a heart: it will refresh your life. Ultra speed is granted by the red bonus snowflake. While jogging in this game, try to acquire all of the valuable bonuses you come across along the route. All of the risky impediments must be avoided. Start playing the game right now and have a lot of fun, our dear friends. We promise that you will like playing with Naruto - the favorite hero of many. The game will assist you in having a good time in your spare time!
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    Real Flight Simulator 3D is an awesome flight simulator game that will show you how to fly a plane like a pilot! This realistic airplane pilot simulator teaches you how to pilot your aircraft safely from the ground into the sky and land back on the ground. Put yourself in the pilot's seat and play this amazing flying simulator game. Drive a plane and fly in the sky in a plane simulator. This game allows you to satisfy your passion by flying, just like a real plane. Enjoy this free flight simulator game and feel like a real pilot. The game has many interesting modes and levels, let's start with the airplane simulator game.
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    A special driving license is always required for bus drivers. In the process of parking the bus, it is not simple to park the bus in a narrow parking space without any collision. Bus Parking is a game related to the training parking level. If you want to be an excellent bus driver, don't miss this game. In the game, you need to park the bus in a designated area according to the instructions. Compare the routes of the previous levels simply, but getting harder and harder later, are you ready?
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    Detective Loupe Puzzle is a thinking point-and-click game where you are a detective whose job is to solve various cases. Be a resilient investigator and start investigating crime scenes to find possible clues. Use hints or the magnifying glass to focus on a certain area and spot signs of suspicious activity. Look for clues, interview potential suspects, and pick up evidence to solve different crimes at every level. There are many exciting different cases to solve with unique characters, stories, and events. People need you Mr. Detective. Can you help save innocent lives and shed light on the truth?
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    The Magic Girl Fighting Angels is a magic parkour game, which tests the reaction ability and judgment ability of players very much. The creative cartoon scene of the Magic Girl Fighting Angels game is very cool. In the Magic Girl Fighting Angels game, players can get a lot of gold coins after passing the next game level, and automatically unlock the content of the next game level to help your characters fight