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    Fly your dog through the skies collecting snacks and dodging missiles, don't forget to use the powerful Power Ups to go further. SUPER Farting Dogs! Can you pass 100 points?
  • arcade,click,clicker,food,fun,funny,hypercasual,management
    Food Venture Master invites you on a fun commercial adventure. Improve your roadside business with small clicks and turn it into a huge trade network. Go step by step and manage growth well. You can increase the speed of the game from the top right corner. The game is played with only "MOUSE" clicks. Use the coins you earn wisely and your business will grow faster.
  • food
    Chef Julia owns a food truck and oh boy! Her business is growing faster than she imagined! New customers discover Julia's food truck every week and her loyal customers keep coming back for more. She has so many orders that she decided to hire an assistant. Are you ready to prove your skills in this fast-paced cooking game for girls called Julia's Food Truck? Go ahead, check your orders, click on the necessary ingredients and prepare a delicious burger for your waiting customer. Layer on meat, cheese, bacon, vegetables and ketchup and serve it hot before the customer gets impatient. Also keep in mind that the more customers you serve, the more ingredients you will have access to. Act fast and keep your customers happy, collect the money and increase your business.