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    Santa cooking is one of the newest and most addictive restaurant food cooking games, featuring time management skills, strategy, and simulation fun. Show your cooking skills by making delicious burgers and toast to become a master chef!
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    Less than a month is left before the New Year holidays, and everyone is looking forward to them, as they are waiting for gifts and the magic of flashing garlands, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and everything else because of which everyone loves this time! We also decided to pamper you with a collection of colorful and funny mini-games with Disney characters!
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    It can always be Christmas when you are playing Nick Jr Games online for free on our website, which is why right now on our website you are invited to do so by playing the new Nick Jr Christmas Catch game we have just added, a terrific new skill game and catching game featuring two of our most beloved Nick Jr categories, the Paw Patrol Games one, as well as Blue's Clues and You Games. Why is that? Well, because you start the game off by choosing if you wish to be either Blue or Rubble, who are the two playable characters that you can embody in this game. You are going to use the mouse to move the character you picked to the left and to the right, as they slowly ascend to the top. As you move, try to collect as many gifts as possible, since each gift represents points, so the bigger the score you get, the better. Now, what you need to be careful of are the trees, which you have to avoid since they cost you life each time you touch one, and losing all your lives means losing the game. Your lives are shown at the top, in the form of Christmas candy. A special holly appears sometimes, so grab it at any cost, since it gives you extra points and a cool power-up. It's that simple, so let the fun begin right now, and make sure to visit the categories of these two categories after this game since they also offer you plenty of fun to be had!